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The High Performance LIFE

Sep 26, 2023

In this week’s episode I am joined by two guests, both Dr. Jim Loehr and Dr. Sheila Ohlsson Walker!

Jim’s ground-breaking, science-based energy management training system has achieved worldwide recognition. Co-founder of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, which helped train and inspire more than 250,000 business, sports, medicine, and military leaders worldwide. Jim is also the author of 17 books including his most recent, Leading With Character, and the National Bestseller The Power of Full Engagement.

Dr. Sheila Ohlsson Walker is a behavioral geneticist whose work centers on how nurture (environment) shapes nature (DNA), and how we can create contexts in sport, school, and nature settings that unlock the potential of our youth. A former pro tennis player, Sheila knows first-hand the power of sport to embed life skills and mindsets that transfer into careers, relationships, and wellness habits that foster health and well-being across life.

Key Points

• Our private voice, or Yoda, is the most important coach we have in our decision-making journey.

• Deliberate decision-making helps avoid mistakes and regrets.

• Emotions play a crucial role in parenting and communication.

• Teaching decision-making from an early age helps children understand the consequences of their choices.

• Being aware and acting rather than reacting creates opportunities for teachable moments.

• Embracing imperfections and viewing life as a learning journey promotes growth and resilience.

• Leadership is about judgment and making wise decisions.


Best Quotes

15:30 - 15:47

• "Your Yoda begins to take that in, those neurological inputs form this narrative inside your head that becomes the most important navigational voice you will probably ever have." - Jim

20:53 - 21:05

• "There's always something to be learned out of every situation, and when we can embed it as automatic habit... that is a superpower that is going to transport us and our children through life."

26:28 - 26:35

• "We want every decision to be some form of learning about your next decision."

30:40 - 30:47

• "Learning about ourselves is crucial. Then owning those mistakes I imagine is even more important."

32:03 - 32:07

• "Have you describe who you are when you are absolutely most proud of yourself."

01:05:11 - 01:05:19

• "The most sacred space we have as human beings is this space that allows us to change directions, make decisions and follow them."

For more about Dr. Jim Loehr visit:
For more about Dr. Sheila Olhsson Walker visit:
Learn more about their book: Wise Decisions: A Science Based Approach to Making Better Choices (Nov 2022)