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Talking to Tech People with Jason Frazell

Sep 7, 2023

Justin Beyers is the co-founder of UVCeed. In his role, Justin has been instrumental in bringing the smart UVC disinfection system to market, including designing and constructing the prototype device and creating the proof of concept software application. Justin has over 16 years of experience designing and manufacturing medical devices, including ultrasonics, orthopedics, neuromodulation, and ENT. In addition to UVCeed, Justin serves as director of research and development at the medical device company Realeve and at Bonutti Research, a medical device incubator that has developed products and technology used around the world, including UVCeed. 

Earlier in his career, Justin served as an electrical engineer at Motorola, where he was a member of the design and manufacturing team for General Motors’ OnStar System. Justin is named as an inventor on 100 applications and 35+ patents, and multiple publications. He holds a BSE in computer engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Listen in to learn all about artificial intelligence in medical devices.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Justin’s work in tech development and innovation, from the on-star system at Motorola to AR disinfection devices at Bonutti.
  • The challenges and triumphs of inventing medical devices.
  • Acquisition of an implantable Neurostimulator device from an insolvent company that could provide relief for sufferers of chronic cluster headaches. 
  • Bonutti’s innovative AR device that uses sensors, a germicidal ultraviolet lamp, and AR software to create a heat map display for portable disinfection. 
  • The importance of regulatory compliance with bodies like the EPA and FDA in tech development.
  • Bonutti’s strategy to transition from a traditional R&D company to acquiring intellectual property from other companies.

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