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Afflicted: A Horror Thriller Audio Drama

May 1, 2023

The final battle heats up, but without Becky's blood, the Caldwells and company are backed into a corner with little hope of survival, especially with a double agent among them.


See the end of the show notes for spoilery content warnings.


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Cast & Crew


M'Shai Dash as Mamma Cherrie

Marion Toro as Gemma Caldwell

Kim Gasiciel as Rhonda Caldwell

Christian Young as August Caldwell

Calvin Joyal as Deputy Andre Pierce

Cass Minter as Kelly

Elena Fernandez Collins as Dr. Maria Torres

Amanda Hufford as Becky Harrison

Devanté Johnson as Agent Livingston

Cherrae Stuart as Agent Holmes

Raiden T. as Ethan Caldwell


Creator & Writer: Tonia Ransom

Director & Executive Producer: Tonia Ransom & Jen Zink

Sound Design: Jen Zink

Music & Theme: Lillian Boyd


Afflicted is produced by Ransom Media Productions.



Content Warnings (may contain spoilers)

Gore, violence, emergency vehicle sirens, guns, discussion of death, grief, animal death, dead bodies.