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Afflicted: A Horror Thriller Audio Drama

May 9, 2023

Season 2 of Afflicted will be set in 1960s Tennessee, and focus on a family being tormented by an unseen entity. Folks from the area insist that the Bell Witch has returned almost 150 years after her original appearance, but is this Bell Witch a copycat, or something far more sinister…like a demonic book bound in human flesh?

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Trailer Transcript:


"Whether it was witchery, some modern science, or a demon let loose from hell, I am unable to decide." - Williams Bell, An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch


A ghostly wind blows. Wooden floors creak as something stalks and approaches slowly before…



W—Who’s there?


A window breaks and Cass’s character screams as an unseen entity opens her flesh


From 1817 to 1821, an entity calling itself “Kate” tormented the Bell family of West Tennessee.


There is still no widely-accepted explanation of the haunting.


General haunted house noises: window shutters slamming, floorboards creaking, eerie wind blowing…



Coming Summer 2024 on the new hit audio drama, Afflicted, the Bell Witch returns to haunt a family in 1960s Tennessee… but only if we raise enough to pay our cast and crew a living wage. Help bring this haunting to life and snag exclusive rewards like limited edition supporter t-shirts, producer credits, and more at, but do it quickly – some perks are limited only to early supporters.



Good evening. <directly in one ear>


The witch cackles and pulls away, a door slamming behind her. We’re left only with an eerie wind outside.