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American Toffee Podcast

Apr 27, 2024

Despite this being maybe the most trying season in Everton’s history, with turmoil at every step of the way, Everton have finally ensured safety with a 1-0 win vs. Brentford to make it 9 points in a single week at Goodison Park.  

It was a match that seemed improbable in many ways; from the long moments of possession, to the unlikely goal scorer, and ultimately, to the relatively low-stress environment thanks to the Luton Town loss earlier to Wolves.  But what is NOT improbable, is the ATP bringing its loyal listeners all sort of humor from our discord as well as analysis from many of our other loyal listeners.  

James and Ryan get into the tactics, the individual performances, and finish with a solid referendum on Sean Dyche and the jobs he’s done under difficult circumstances.  AND... BREATHE!



Intro: Steve Barkwill

Production: James Boyman

Outro: Kenboib