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Payday Report

May 3, 2023

On Tuesday, 11,000 TV & film writers went on the first strike in Hollywood in a generation. Daley Haggar, who was a writer for the Big Bang Theory and has been a member of the Writers Guild for nearly 20 years, joins us to discuss what's at stake as writers see diminishing paychecks with the switch to streaming.

Apr 28, 2023

Most of the mainstream media has abandoned the workers suffering from the fallout of the East Palestine chemical train derailment. However, the Holler's John Russel, a native of Columbiana County, where the accident occurred has remained on the story. Russell talks with Payday about what both mainstream and left media...

Apr 28, 2023

On this week's Payday Report, we talk about over 9,000 Hollywood writers that are going on strike next week for the first since 2007. We also discuss the largest federal workers strike in Canada in over a decade. We also discuss the legacy of Harry Belafonte.