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Emotional Eats Podcast

Apr 8, 2024

Welcome to episode 49 of The Emotional Eats Podcast! 


In this episode, I am joined by Menopause Fitness Expert, Debra Atkinson.  Debra is the founder of Flipping 50, the first and only online fitness membership dedicated exclusively to women in menopause, in addition to creator of the Flipping50 Menopause Fitness...

Apr 1, 2024

Welcome to episode 48 of The Emotional Eats Podcast! 


In this episode, Jessica Mitchell returns for a second and amazing conversation.  She is a seasoned health coach who shares her expertise on lowering high blood pressure naturally and achieving a healthy weight.


Jessica is a Corporate Trained Certified Health...

Mar 25, 2024

Welcome to the Emotional Eats Podcast!


“Midlife is the best life” - Mary Lee


I had the pleasure of hosting Mary Lee of Emme Elle Coaching, a menopause doula, who took us through the many facets of the menopause journey. Mary , brings a unique and compassionate perspective to understanding and supporting women...

Mar 18, 2024


In the last part of your 5-part series on the Emotional Needs Podcast, "How to Stop Feeling Out of Control with Food,"  Kim discusses the framework of intuitive eating, a practice that has the power to revolutionize your relationship with food. Kim demystifies the process of giving yourself “permission to...

Mar 18, 2024

 In today's episode of your 5 part series, "How to Stop Feeling Out of Control with Food," Kim shares the secret gems to get control.  We think it’s all about the food and willpower, but it’s not.  Listen in to hear how stress and sleep can help balance or wreak havoc with your relationship with food. Kim shares...