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Emotional Eats Podcast

Apr 22, 2024

Jacqueline Oliveira-Cella, the creator of the Health at Work Initiative, is a seasoned executive with over 15 years in healthcare, employee benefits, and wellbeing. With her roots in actuarial science in Brazil, she has broadened her expertise across consulting, product design, insurance, and leadership roles, achieving a global perspective.


Her educational journey includes participation in the Harvard Medical School Global Healthcare Leadership Executive Program, enhancing her leadership in healthcare innovation.  As the founder of wellBe consulting, Jaqueline excels in designing health solutions that promote employee wellbeing, measurable outcomes and business growth.  


Jacqueline shares about the needs of employees and what employers can do to create an open and healthy workplace.  She encourages the practice of mental fitness, which involves regularly checking in with yourself, setting daily intentions, and being mindful of your emotional states without judgment. Jacqueline believes this proactive approach can help prevent more serious mental health issues like burnout.


In her work, Jacqueline has had the opportunity to deep dive into topics like menopause and mental health in the workplace. She advocates for an approach of awareness, empowerment through education, and care. This includes educating employers and employees on the unique experiences of menopausal women, providing access to resources and support, and creating a culture that accommodates their needs, such as flexible work arrangements and access to cooling stations.


Jacqueline believes it takes a village to create meaningful change and is always willing to share knowledge and provide guidance to those seeking to improve the health and well-being of their workplace.



  • Mental health and wellness journey, including weight loss and self-care. 0:07
  • Mental health and wellness in the workplace. 8:12
  • Menopause in the workplace, awareness, education, and support. 17:42
  • Workplace wellness, nutrition, and mindful eating. 27:01
  • Stress management and self-care for employees and employers. 36:40


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