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Emotional Eats Podcast

May 6, 2024

Have you ever wondered about running in your 40s, 50s or 60s?  Maybe you want to keep running and wonder about the benefits or you have always wanted to start running, but think it’s too late.  This episode will inspire you either way.  This is a selfish episode because I have loved running for a long time and it has physically and mentally gotten me through a lot in my life. 

Jared Broughton is a running coach who has been passionate about the sport since age 17.   He is visually impaired (legally blind) and a former carded para-athletics athlete. He has been running seriously for 17 years consistently non-stop.


He helps aspiring & experienced runners fit training into their busy schedules & achieve their athletic performance & fitness goals. His personalized training plan & coaching helps you boost mental, physical, and longevity health without injury, pain, or “falling off the wagon” no matter what age you are.


Jared shares his background and inspiring story and how running allowed him to find independence as a solo sport and build immense commitment, dedication, and discipline that transferred to other areas of his life. 


Jared encourages facing the fears around running by viewing it as exposure therapy to a therapeutic, natural movement that forces focus. If you’re a beginner, he shares practical and doable advice to get started like starting with just 1 mile every other day until it feels too easy, setting out gear beforehand, and trying run/walk intervals. 


For women specifically, Jared highlights running's benefits in developing high pain tolerance, regulating hormones through the runner's high "happy drug," and tapping into the endurance capabilities women were designed for to dominate ultra distances.


Don’t worry.  I know you’ve heard me and the experts talking about lifting weights.  We don’t leave that out.  To become a well-rounded runner, Jared advises strength training 3 times per week and incorporating different types of runs.


He leaves us with some amazing tips that will make you feel like hitting the road today. One of my favorite tips is to finish feeling you could've done more, adjust effort based on weather conditions, and be flexible.


Jared has unique coaching plans for everyone so connect with him to find the runners high.


Running as a solo sport, overcoming challenges, and the impact of a mentor. (0:07)

Running, fear, and consistency. (4:58)

Running and women's endurance, with emphasis on pain resistance and muscle strength training. (12:34)

Breaking into running for beginners, focusing on proper gear and breathing techniques. (20:38)

Running techniques and their benefits. (25:46)

Strength training for runners, emphasizing the importance of proper form and mobility. (30:47)

Running and managing expectations for a healthy and enjoyable experience. (38:04)


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