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Emotional Eats Podcast

May 13, 2024

It’s time to overcome the “good girl” conditioning and stop binge eating.

This episode digs deeper into how being the "good girl" or people-pleaser in childhood can lead to suppressing emotions and using food to cope as an adult. Kim shares her personal experiences and story and how being a people pleaser resulted in numbing out with food. 

Kim shares what people pleasing really is and how this conditioning of suppressing emotions can cause you to stuff those feelings down, but later escape the emotions by eating mindlessly.

Kim explains how this "good girl" conditioning leads to struggles like not expressing true feelings/wants, feeling you always have to have the right answers, perfectionistic tendencies, difficulty asking for help, losing touch with your authentic self, and neglecting self-care. 

Stay tuned for tips and read below on ways to reach out to Kim for support.


Emotional eating, self-control, and past experiences. (0:01)

People pleasing, emotional suppression, and personal growth. (4:13)

Emotional eating, people pleasing, and suppressed emotions. (10:04)

Perfectionism, anxiety, and emotional eating. (17:29)

Suppressing emotions and its impact on mental health. (22:16)

Tapping for emotional healing and reducing emotional eating. (28:52)

Setting boundaries and saying no to avoid emotional eating. (31:40)


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