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Emotional Eats Podcast

Jan 22, 2024

Welcome to the Emotional Eats Podcast!

My guest, Katie Campbell, is a holistic health expert and sober curious coach.  I invited Katie on the show to help celebrate my 2 year sober-versary.

Katie Campbell is a board certified health and wellness coach, with a background in psychology and an MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Katie and I both share our personal journeys with alcohol and our routes to sobriety.  Katie has a gift of helping “gray area” drinkers to understand and get curious about how their choice to drink alcohol may impact their health and wellness, mentally and physically.

Katie emphasizes that you don’t need to identify as an alcoholic to question the role of alcohol in your life. Katie's journey towards sobriety not only improved her personal health but also deepened her understanding and empathy towards others facing similar challenges which makes her a great sober curious coach.

Katie shares the benefits of sobriety and touches on the challenges and rewards of navigating sobriety as a new mother, highlighting the importance of healthy coping mechanisms in building resilience.

We discuss the growing movement of sober curiosity, especially among younger generations, and the increasing availability of non-alcoholic beverage alternatives. She emphasizes the importance of questioning societal norms around alcohol consumption and making conscious choices that align with your personal health and well-being.

For those interested in exploring a healthier relationship with alcohol, Katie has a few simple and encouraging steps to get you started. 

 If you do feel like you have a problem, I encourage you to reach out to a professional or program for help.

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