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Emotional Eats Podcast

Jul 24, 2023

Welcome to my first client spotlight. 


My guest, Danielle Jacobson, shares a really powerful story about the options she was given when she went to the doctor expressing her desire to lose weight. 


Danielle is not only a client, but we taught school together years ago and we’ve been friends ever since.


She also shares her health journey and what led her to working with me. She shares what it was like having me on her health journey team and what she got out of it. 


Our mission in this episode is to help you advocate for yourself in your health journey.


Danielle shares amazing tips at the end of the podcast so make sure to listen to the end.


Danielle also mentions the tapping (EFT) we did and how it helped her make breakthroughs during our sessions. You will want to go back and listen to Episode 6 to learn more about the powerful tool of tapping.


I hope you enjoy the show, and I know you will become more inspired to be an advocate for yourself after listening.





00:03  Client Spotlight: Danielle tells her story


06:21  Danielle shares how her food sensitivities showed up on her body


08:57  Danielle shares her reasons for wanting to change her body


14:10  Danielle shares what happened when she went to the doctor and what she was told she was going to do.


22:07  We talk about the importance of being seen and heard and being supported.


27:07  Danielle shares why she added me as a nutritional health coach to her team and what she got out of it


29:53  Danielle shares 3 amazing tips you won’t want to miss 






Note:  The information in this podcast is not to replace working with your doctor, other medical practitioner or mental health practitioner.


If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, I would love to have a “no strings attached” call with you to find out what you’re going through and see if I can help. 

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