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Emotional Eats Podcast

Aug 7, 2023

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Emotional Eats Podcast!

In this episode, we dive into the topic of menopause, and trust me, ladies, you'll gain valuable insights even if you haven't reached perimenopause yet. And men, this conversation will help you understand and empathize with your partners better.

Joining me today is Dana Lawson, a Certified Health Coach and Menopause expert. Dana shares her personal journey through menopause, and her story is sure to resonate deeply with many of you. She bravely opens up about her experiences, and you'll find yourself nodding along in understanding—I certainly did!

Dana not only discusses the physical changes that women go through during the menopausal transition, but she also delves into the emotional challenges that accompany this phase of life. Our conversation is honest, heartfelt, and raw, as we explore how it truly feels to navigate these changes.

One of the key takeaways from our discussion is understanding the hormonal shifts happening within our bodies. Dana educates us on what's really going on, reminding us that these changes are a natural part of the process, and that there's no need to feel shame or guilt.

But it doesn't end there. Dana provides practical and actionable tips to help you feel better as you go through this journey. She empowers you to be your own advocate, especially if you're considering hormone replacement therapy, and she even shares the new term for it.

Even if you haven't started experiencing the perimenopausal process, this episode will equip you with valuable knowledge to better prepare for the future.

We hope you enjoy this enlightening conversation with Dana Lawson. Don't forget to share your thoughts on social media and tag us.

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Tune in, take notes, and let's support each other on this incredible journey through menopause.


Note:  The information in this podcast is not to replace working with your doctor, other medical practitioner or mental health practitioner.

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