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Emotional Eats Podcast

May 15, 2023

In Episode 2, I talk with Melissa Slemp, certified nutritional and hormone health coach and personal trainer.


Melissa helps women who are diagnosed with type one diabetes to feel more empowered and live their best life despite their diagnosis.


Even if you are not a type one diabetic, you will get so much value from this episode.


Melissa shares her story of living with and managing type one diabetes for over 40 years and explains more about insulin and blood sugar.


We talk about how menopausal changes are affected by hormones and blood sugar.  Melissa gets into more detail so we can understand the connection.


She also shares the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, what to look for in your blood work, and her balanced plate philosophy.  We also chat about the importance of exercise and walking to stabilize blood sugar.


With so many people feeling stressed out and using food to cope, Melissa helps me make the connection between cravings and stress with blood sugar issues.




1:05    Melissa’s story and definition of Type 1 diabetes


3:20    What is insulin?


6:48    Client story with diabetes


8:25    How a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to helping with blood sugar levels


10:27  What to look for in your blood work


16:21  Melissa’s balanced plate philosophy


Follow Melissa on IG @bloogsugarboss or visit her website


Note:  The information in this podcast is not to replace working with your doctor, other medical practitioner or mental health practitioner.


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