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Emotional Eats Podcast

Sep 18, 2023

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Emotional Eats Podcast!


If you are struggling to sleep well and not sure what to do, this episode is for you.  You may be sleeping better tonight after listening!


My guest and sleep coach, Jalene Szuba, is a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach (NBHWC) with a mission to enhance sleep quality for individuals. With a background of two decades as a prominent corporate meetings and events producer, Jalene's personal struggles with sleep led her to pursue education and certification in the field of health. Through firsthand experience, she recognizes sleep as a pivotal health determinant, propelling her dedication to coaching others in this realm.


Jalene’s ultimate goal is to facilitate improved sleep and holistic well-being, believing that vitality in one aspect of life radiates positively throughout all others.


Jalene delves into the massive importance of sleep in our overall well-being. Sleep has become a key factor in healthy living, with the American Heart Association recognizing it as the eighth essential element alongside exercise, a balanced diet, and more. She highlights the impact of sleep deprivation on stress levels, weight management, and health.


We explore the various functions of sleep, including restoration, hormone release, and cell repair. A significant portion of our lives is spent sleeping, underlining its importance for a healthy lifestyle. Jalene explains sleep cycles and phases, such as light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep, and their contributions to memory and brain health.  A significant topic is the brain's cleansing process during sleep


Jalene also emphasizes the role of the circadian rhythm in regulating sleep-wake cycles. She shares why we can actually start in the morning to improve your sleep at night.  She provides insights into establishing a nighttime routine for relaxation and stress reduction. Jalene shares valuable tips and strategies to wind down, reduce stress and get your body ready to sleep each night.


We discuss dietary factors like caffeine and alcohol and their effects on sleep quality. The importance of personalized approaches is emphasized, recognizing that what works for one person may not work for another.


Grab your pen and paper to take notes and listen to the end for Jalene’s key tips to get started for that restorative and cleansing sleep.





00:05   How sleep impacts heart disease and the Heart Association Recommendations that include sleep now.


06:13   Jalene explains her sleep audit and how it helps you get ready for a great night sleep.


13:58   Is it OK to nap?


24:50   The impact of exercise and sleep onset.


33:39   The effects of alcohol and caffeine on sleep deprivation.


42:06   Valuable tips from Jalene to get started.


Connect with Jalene:

IG: @happiness.anchor


phone: 773-294-1147


Note:  The information in this podcast is not to replace working with your doctor, other medical practitioner or mental health practitioner.

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