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Emotional Eats Podcast

Jan 15, 2024

In this episode, Michael Krug shares candidly about his childhood, navigating weight and health struggles as a young man, emotional eating and food addiction patterns, and his transformative lifestyle changes. 

I appreciate the open conversation as Michael shares early childhood challenges and using food to cope during significant life transitions. So many of us can resonate with his story.

Michael Krug is a board certified health coach and personal trainer based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has been coaching for 6 years and focuses on helping busy professionals get off the weight loss roller coaster and finding sustainability in their health and weight long term. Through his own struggles and triumphs with health - including getting to 375 pounds, having 4 knee surgeries and being diagnosed with hypertension all before the age of 21, Michael helps clients discover simple, sustainable approaches to their health.


His mission is to see a world where everyone is empowered by choice in their health and well-being.

Michael shares his story of change, how he turned the corner with his health and why.  We really spent some time discussing emotional eating and he explained how he viewed food and knew the driving factor that would help him make habits changes to save his life.  He also shares how this led him to coaching others.

Physical movement took center stage as a vital component of Michael’s holistic health. He emphasizes the importance of choosing enjoyable activities, ranging from cardiovascular workouts to embracing resistance training. 

Michael shows that persistence, not giving up,  and not having to be perfect,  really leads to a successful journey.  He encourages us to perceive setbacks not as failures, but as opportunities for growth.  Progress continues as long as you are working on personal development.

Listen to the end because Michael gives 3 valuable takeaways to get you started and to keep you going on your journey.



Michael shares his story.  We talk about emotional eating, childhood trauma, and eating disorders. (0:06)

Michael shares about eating habits and his weight loss journey. (5:03)

We discuss Michael’s weight loss steps, his identity shift, and overcoming disordered eating. (12:13)

Michaels talks about food addiction and his own strategies for overcoming it. (16:26)

We discuss coaching, self-improvement and fitness journey. (28:36)

We talk about the connection between health and self-love. (33:41)

Michael shares some foundations in health: food, movement, and mental health. (39:33)

Michael gives us his philosophy on not giving up and persistence, self-improvement and coaching with a focus on progress and accountability. (44:33)

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