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Emotional Eats Podcast

Apr 1, 2024

Welcome to episode 48 of The Emotional Eats Podcast! 


In this episode, Jessica Mitchell returns for a second and amazing conversation.  She is a seasoned health coach who shares her expertise on lowering high blood pressure naturally and achieving a healthy weight.


Jessica is a Corporate Trained Certified Health Coach who specializes in helping midlife women that fight high blood pressure, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.  She does this with years of experience and a proven system so that women can stop strict dieting to address their health and lifestyle in a sustainable way without feeling overwhelmed.  


Jessica starts by reflecting on her own health journey that began over 19 years ago when she struggled with infertility issues due to being overweight. She shares her story of losing 60 pounds and regaining her health. 


As Jessica transitioned into midlife and menopause, she recognized the importance of holistically managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure. She emphasizes that weight loss alone is not the sole solution – a comprehensive lifestyle approach is crucial. This involves intuitive eating, staying hydrated, reducing stress, prioritizing quality sleep, and strength training.

Jessica debunks the blood pressure myths and gives us real solutions.


Jessica also discusses the connection between lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, and difficulty losing weight or managing blood pressure. She highlights the need to reevaluate maximum heart rates as we age to exercise safely and effectively for heart health.


Listen to the end because Jessica shares 3 powerful tips to get started.  By addressing lifestyle factors comprehensively, you'll naturally improve chronic conditions like high blood pressure.



Healthy lifestyle changes and breaking free from diet culture. (0:06)

High blood pressure and its impact on heart health. (6:37)

Blood pressure myths and their impact on health. (16:14)

Menopause and its impact on blood pressure and cholesterol. (24:27)

Managing high blood pressure through lifestyle changes. (32:49)


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