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Emotional Eats Podcast

Jan 1, 2024

Welcome to the Emotional Needs Podcast!

In this New Year's Day episode, let's talk about “anti-resolution” resolutions.  Your typical resolutions often lead to emotional setbacks and unsustainability. You have to be perfect which is impossible so let's create a new approach centered on embracing strength, nourishment, peace, and intentional living.

For women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond, preserving muscle mass is crucial. I discuss protein and weight lifting as things to add in instead of taking out food groups and lowering calories.

I share that the benefits of walking aren’t just about weight loss.  It helps with mental health, stabilizes blood sugar, and combats the effects of sitting all day. 

I add to your goal list prioritizing health check-ups, including blood work, hormone checks, and dental visits. Also, rethink the scale's significance. Your well-being isn't solely defined by that number.

Release the clutter in your life, starting with your closet. Let go of clothes that don't align with your present self. Get rid of items that don’t fit. Let’s also let go of toxic relationships and unrealistic expectations this year.

Shift from rigid morning/evening routines to manageable non-negotiables.  We talk about picking a few that will help your day start in peace not chaos. 

I share why it’s important to focus on individual health goals instead of comparing journeys. Practice self-compassion because shame and guilt over shadow those wins.

This year, instead of focusing only on shrinking your body, move toward goals that help you expand as a person, feel peace on a daily basis and make you feel strong.


Anti-resolution resolutions for a more sustainable approach to wellness. (0:01)

Nutrition, exercise, and body awareness. (5:23)

Self-care and body positivity for midlife women. (10:02)

Decluttering mental and physical spaces. (15:14)

Healthy habits and letting go of negative emotions. (20:25)

Self-care, fitness, and mental wellness. (26:21)

Personal development goals for the new year. (31:28)

Self-care and personal growth for a healthier life. (36:45)

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