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Emotional Eats Podcast

Feb 26, 2024

In this episode, I had the privilege of digging into the world of women's wellness with the remarkable Delayna Watkins. As a strong advocate for women navigating all parts of midlife and menopause, Delayna brings so much knowledge and a compassionate heart to our conversation.  If you’re in this phase of life, listen in.  You will see a whole new side to our midlife transition.

Delayna's journey into nursing, inspired by her mother and her early start in the field, laid a solid foundation for her connection to caring for others. Her transition from bedside nursing to a corporate role helped her to influence healthcare decisions on a larger scale. Delayna’s unique experience on the frontlines and in the boardroom makes her a champion concerning women's health during midlife and menopause.  She has created the Women’s Wellness Lounge to help women everywhere.


The listeners will resonate with Delayna's personal encounter with perimenopause. Like so many women, she faced the daunting challenge of identifying her symptoms. This confusing journey and self-diagnosis shows us the critical need for greater awareness and understanding of menopause. Delayna's story is a powerful reminder of the gaps in our healthcare system when it comes to women's midlife health and the importance of self-advocacy and education.


Delayna's emphasis on understanding and adjusting to hormonal changes, rather than merely combating symptoms, provides a refreshing perspective on menopause management.  Through her work, she encourages women to lean into the changes brought on by menopause, viewing this stage not as an end but as a “feminine evolution". She helps with their resilience, empowerment, and hope, urging them to embrace the journey of menopause with confidence and grace.


  • Menopause and self-diagnosis. 0:05
  • Menopause symptoms and diagnosis. 7:26
  • Managing perimenopause symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. 13:34
  • Menopause and its impact on women's lives. 18:58
  • Menopause and feminine evolution. 28:25
  • Menopause and its impact on women's lives. 33:24
  • Menopause and its effects on women's health. 40:17


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