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Emotional Eats Podcast

Jan 8, 2024

Welcome to the Emotional Eats Podcast!

Women over 40, you are in for a treat.  I invited my guest Stephanie from VitalityOET to explain metabolism and why it’s important because she does it so well.

Stephanie Fusnik has worked with thousands of women struggling with their hormones and weight from around the world.  She helps menopausal women improve hormonal balance, boost metabolism and lose fat.

With multiple certifications, degrees and diplomas in the health field and over 12 years of experience in the health and fitness field she is widely regarded by menopausal women struggling with their weight.

Her insights have been mentioned in popular media outlets such as MindPump, which is one of my favorite podcasts.

Stephanie explains how metabolism slows down due to declining estrogen levels, making weight loss harder. She goes into detail about how resistance training, enough calories/carbs, and managing stress can boost metabolism.  

We discuss how cortisol increases and contributes to weight gain if not managed through adequate sleep, carb-containing meals, and relaxation breaks. Carbs come up many times because women tend to be afraid to eat them thanks to diet culture.

Stephanie helps you understand the power and benefits of resistance training beyond looks, like boosting metabolism, better gym performance, and bone and blood sugar health.  She shares important tips and that proper form, intention, and rest periods are important when resistance training as estrogen levels affect muscle gains. Exercises should target function for independence.  That’s exactly what we need in midlife and for longevity.

We have a great discussion around protein.  Protein intake and the importance of it is often overlooked by women.  She shares real numbers and how to get more protein daily.

We talk about pre-workout fuel and post-workout replenishment for energy stores to support muscle growth and blood sugar regulation, both of which become harder during perimenopause/menopause. 


Hormone changes and weight loss struggles in women. (0:04)

Menopause and hormone imbalance. (3:57)

Metabolism and calorie burn during exercise and daily activities. (8:25)

Menopause and metabolism management. (12:48)

Hormone-related issues and weight loss for women. (17:32)

Hormonal changes and their effects on weight loss during menopause. (23:25)

Nutrition and exercise for women, including fasting and workouts. (26:43)

Sleep, carbs, and hormone balance for weight loss. (33:27)

Exercise and its benefits for women after menopause. (39:20)

Fitness and hormonal balance for women in their 30s and 40s. (43:44)

Protein powder, supplements, and their benefits. (54:44)

The limitations of relying on the scale for body image and fitness tracking. (59:04)

Gut health and its impact on hormonal balance and overall well-being. (1:03:33)




Connect with Stephanie:

As an award winning coach she can help any woman struggling to lose fat and experience hormonal harmony by utilizing her 3 step coaching program.




IG:  @vitalityoet.stephanie


Podcast: The Metabolism and Menopause Podcast

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