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Emotional Eats Podcast

Jan 29, 2024

In this episode, I was privileged to have Dr. Eric Fete, the founder of PrimeX, a pioneer in preventive health, age management, and peak performance as a guest. Dr. Fete shares his extensive knowledge on peptides, bioidentical hormones, and the often-overlooked importance of muscle as an endocrine organ. His transition from an ER doctor to a champion of preventive health is both inspiring and informative, showing us the vital role of nutrition and lifestyle in fighting against premature aging and chronic diseases.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Fete brings us into the world of peptides and bioidenticals, sharing with us how important their roles in health and wellness are, especially concerning aging, longevity and hormonal balance. His journey from emergency medicine to a preventive health approach highlights the critical need for early intervention and lifestyle changes to combat chronic conditions and diseases and improve overall vitality as we age.

Listen to the end because Dr. Fete gives you practical health tips, emphasizing simple yet effective habits for enhancing health and vitality. He predicts a future where peptides, bioidenticals, and integrative health practices become more mainstream, offering a holistic approach to health optimization.


Dr. Eric shares how he was an  ER doctor turned functional medicine practitioner. (0:03)

Dr Eric discusses muscles’ important  role in health and wellness. (5:21)

We discuss peptides as therapeutic medication. (9:55)

What everyone wants to talk about: GLP-1 and its effects on weight loss and mental health. (15:01)

Peptides, hormones, and their effects on the body. (24:47)

Hormone replacement therapy for women, including bioidentical vs synthetic hormones. (31:07)

Holistic health practices for mental and physical well-being. (45:21)


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