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Emotional Eats Podcast

Nov 6, 2023

Welcome to Episode 27 of the Emotional Eats Podcast!


In this episode, Steph Gaudreau (CISSN, NASM-CPT) shares her journey and expertise and how she evolved from being in sports and teaching high school to becoming a nutrition and fitness expert.


I really wanted to share Steph with my listeners because she helps athletic women over 40 fuel themselves better, get stronger, increase their energy, and perform better in the gym. She’s a sports nutritionist and lifting coach.


We discuss diet culture and its impact on women's nutrition and body image, going back to magazines and societal beauty standards. There is so much conflicting information that women are receiving and it can have an effect on your mental health and self esteem.  Steph has so much compassion for women around seeking weight loss, weight stigmas and comparison to the society’s standard for our bodies and size.

Steph sheds light on the challenges women over 40 face in maintaining muscle mass and overall strength. She explains the physiological changes women experience, such as muscle loss and hormonal shifts during menopause as well as what happens to our insulin sensitivity.  She does offer  encouragement and hope, stressing that with the right lifestyle habits and guidance, women can take control of their health and strength,  adding quality to our lives as we age is the goal.

Steph talks about the importance of strength training and its role in countering muscle loss, improving insulin sensitivity, and boosting metabolism. She encourages women to embrace both cardio and strength training.  She shares how their is a time and place for both.

Steph emphasizes good nutrition and explains the value of protein, but also has a balanced and inclusive way of talking about food. She explains if we make too much food off limits, we will amplify the physical and psychological restriction.  That can lead to binge eating.  We are looking for energy balance and strength and as women seeking to be strong, we need fuel.  That’s what Steph teaches women to do.

How to connect with Steph Gaudreau:


Website:  Nutrition and Fitness Coach for Women Over 40 | Steph Gaudreau

In her best-selling book, The Core 4, she details a four pillar approach to getting stronger, embracing your body, and owning your power. 


Her podcast, Fuel Your Strength, started in 2015 and has 4+ million downloads. She’s an international speaker and has been featured in Outside, SELF, and ESPN Radio.



Steph shares her story and evolution from teaching school to becoming a fitness and nutrition expert and coach (0:05)

We discuss diet culture, body image, and health. (4:09)

Steph highlights the importance of women's fitness and strength training. (8:27)

She shares really important facts about age-related muscle loss and its impact on quality of life. (14:51)

Steph shares more about exercise, exercise minimums and why it’s important for women’s health. (23:33)

We discuss nutrition myths and needs for women and why avoiding restrictive dieting is so important. (33:17)

Steph shares more about nutrition and exercise for women in perimenopause. (38:38)

I ask Steph to share her top 2-3 supplements to add to our nutrition plan. (45:42)

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Note:  The information in this podcast is not to replace working with your doctor, other medical practitioner or mental health practitioner.

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