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Emotional Eats Podcast

Apr 15, 2024

Welcome to Episode 50 of the Emotional Eats Podcast!


In this solo episode, I share my personal story of nighttime snacking after a stressful day as a teacher.  I share my habit of heading to the pantry after a hard day of working in search of that escape.  I discuss eating in front of the TV, while scrolling and even in the bedroom.


I share the physical and emotional reasons behind late-night overeating, including stress, fatigue, blood sugar changes, emotions like boredom or loneliness, and habits/cravings.


Listen in to learn 10 powerful tips to help you curb the night time eating.  It’s not just about willpower and discipline.  There are real reasons you do it and I give practical steps to change your nighttime eating habit.


The urge to overeat at night often stems from unresolved emotions, habits, tiredness or a lack of nourishment earlier in the day. Stay tuned to get the steps you need to find out what you really need if it’s not food.


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My story (0:00)

Nighttime snacking and its impact on health. (2:21)

Emotional eating and mindless snacking. (8:27)

Breaking unhealthy eating habits through awareness and disruption. (13:43)

Menopause, emotional eating, and nutrition. (17:58)

Avoiding emotional eating and mindless snacking. (23:41)

Establishing boundaries around food and drink consumption. (28:42)

Emotional eating and self-care strategies. (35:16)

Emotional eating and finding healthy habits. (40:39)


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