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Step By Step Podcasting

Jun 7, 2023

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How to Get More Listeners by Guest Appearing on Other Shows

To grow your podcast, consider being a guest on other shows. For instance, if your podcast focuses on health and wellness for the over 40 crowd, explore opportunities to appear on other podcasts catering to the same audience, even if they discuss different topics. Think about who you can help and what valuable messages you can bring.

Start by checking iTunes and Apple Podcasts, where your show is listed. Scroll to the bottom to see related shows that might interest your listeners. Another useful resource is Listen Notes, where you can find your podcast's score and discover other podcasts discussing similar topics.

When reaching out to potential hosts, keep your pitch concise and to the point. A couple of short paragraphs with your introduction, podcast description, and how you can contribute should suffice. Also, consider proposing a podcast swap where you feature each other on your respective shows.

Guest appearances on podcasts have a higher conversion rate than other social media platforms since you're reaching an audience that is already familiar with and interested in podcasts. Aim to appear on shows that align with your current podcasting status and gradually work your way up to bigger ones.

Lastly, utilize tools like RePhonic to understand what other shows your listeners are tuning into. This insight can help you tailor your content and explore new topics to engage your target audience.

Stay tuned for Step 12, where we'll delve into SEO techniques using meta-tags. Thanks for listening! If you need further assistance, feel free to book a free 15-minute consultation through the link in the show notes. Catch you on the next episode!


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