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Step By Step Podcasting

Jun 14, 2023

Optimizing Your Podcast's Visibility: SEO and Blogging Strategies for Growth


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In this podcast episode, Brad Williams discusses the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for boosting the visibility and reach of a podcast. He acknowledges that he is not an expert in SEO but shares insights and tips he has gathered from professionals and networking groups.


Brad mentions the use of tools like SEO Moz and VidIQ to assess keyword rankings and optimize content accordingly. He emphasizes the significance of choosing relevant keywords that align with the podcast's target audience. For example, his podcast focuses on fitness for individuals over 40, so he uses keywords like "over 40 fitness" and "fitness over 40" in various elements such as podcast titles, descriptions, show notes, and website.


He also highlights the role of blogging in driving traffic to the podcast. Brad suggests creating blog posts for each podcast episode, using tools like Descript to generate transcripts, and utilizing chat GPT to summarize the transcripts automatically. These blog posts can be optimized with relevant meta-tags, including keywords related to the episode's content. Additionally, Brad explains how to add meta-tags and descriptions to the audio files using Descript or other free software.


Brad acknowledges that SEO takes time and emphasizes the importance of consistently producing quality content and growing a dedicated audience. He notes that podcast followers who actively listen to episodes have a higher conversion rate than social media followers. Brad concludes by mentioning that while he continues to learn and refine his SEO strategies with professional assistance, he offers free 15-minute consultations to help others in their podcasting journeys.


Overall, the episode provides practical tips and insights on leveraging SEO techniques, optimizing keywords, and using blogging to enhance a podcast's discoverability and audience engagement.


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