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Step By Step Podcasting

Aug 16, 2023

Unlocking Listener Engagement: Navigating Retention Metrics on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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Spotify For Podcasters

Apple Podcast Connect


In this episode of the Step By Step Podcasting with Brad Williams, he discusses how to monitor retention levels on two major podcasting platforms, Apple Podcasts Connect and Spotify for Podcasters. Brad emphasizes the significance of focusing on these two platforms due to their high listener engagement. He guides listeners through the process of accessing analytics on each platform to determine where listeners drop off or lose interest in episodes.


For Apple Podcasts Connect, he advises accessing the analytics tab, selecting an episode with high engagement, and analyzing the retention graph. Brad notes the importance of a steady flow of listeners throughout the episode, indicating effective content. He mentions the lack of a percentage representation but suggests aiming for about 70% retention.


Regarding Spotify for Podcasters, he highlights the importance of setting up an account and accessing episode analytics. Brad explains the feature where you can drag across the graph to view percentage data, indicating the drop-off points. Unlike Apple Podcasts, Spotify does not offer direct playback of segments where drop-offs occur.


Brad emphasizes checking retention periodically, especially if you publish episodes more frequently. He discusses other relevant podcast metrics, such as growth rates and total plays, suggesting that consistent growth, even if not rapid, is valuable for podcast success. He underscores the potential for success with a smaller but engaged audience, as it can lead to profitable outcomes. Brad concludes by offering a free consultation for personalized podcast feedback and assistance.



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