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Step By Step Podcasting

Aug 23, 2023

Next Steps For Podcast Growth: Transforming Audio Transcripts into Powerful Blog Content

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In this podcast episode, Brad Williams from Step-By-Step Podcasting shares valuable insights on how to set up a blog and repurpose your podcast's audio transcript. Brad emphasizes the importance of blogging, backlinks, social media, SEO, and meta-tags for podcast growth. He advises using your podcast transcript to create a written form of your show, either short or long. Blogs typically range from 1500 to 5000 words, with the inclusion of SEO meta-tags, titles, subtitles, and backlinks to episodes for creating SEO-boosting backlinks.


Brad explains his process of repurposing by using editing software to clean up audio, copying the transcript, and pasting it into a blogging tool (like Podium or Google Blogger) using a pre-made template. He suggests adding guest photos and episode links for context. Brad shares tips on crafting effective titles, summaries, and formatting, suggesting interactions with AI like ChatGPT for expanding content.


He underscores the significance of aligning SEO metadata across platforms and utilizing Podfollow for smart backlinks to specific podcast players. Brad acknowledges the slow growth of blogging compared to guest appearances on podcasts or social media but offers it as an alternative for those averse to those avenues. He concludes by inviting listeners to reach out for a free consultation.


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