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Step By Step Podcasting

Aug 30, 2023

Mastering Guest Appearances: Navigating to Secure High-Impact Podcast Opportunities

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In this episode of the Step-By-Step Podcasting, Brad Williams discusses how to find the perfect guest appearance opportunities on other podcast shows. He starts by introducing, a platform used by podcasters to gauge their performance against competitors and research potential guest appearances. Brad emphasizes the importance of guesting on various shows when starting out, but also highlights the value of focusing on larger, more relevant shows as your podcast grows. He notes that if you're already an expert in your field, showcasing your credentials can make you an attractive guest for other podcasts.


Brad delves into the concept of "listen scores" on ListenNotes, explaining that a higher score indicates a podcast's popularity. He relates his own experience with his fitness podcast, where a listen score of 30 places him in the top 5% globally. He aims to reach the top 1% for more significant listenership and sponsorship opportunities. He acknowledges that while the ranking isn't 100% accurate, it considers factors like episode count, website quality, meta-tags, and social media presence.


Brad suggests that podcasters often use ListenNotes to vet potential guests. He advises that having a good listen score makes it easier to get on higher-tier shows. He highlights the significance of a well-crafted email pitch when approaching podcasts.


Brad outlines his process of finding suitable shows to guest on. He talks about using ListenNotes to search for topics related to his expertise, like "intermittent fasting" and "mitochondrial health." He explains how to identify potential podcasts by their listen scores and relevance to your niche. Brad stresses the importance of matching your expertise with the content of the podcast you're pitching to, increasing the chances of a successful reply.



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