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5 Minute Rants by THE a.m.

Dec 31, 2023

New year's resolutions are fake because change is not based on a deep internal decision. We each get to be the people we want to be, and we're all in charge of our personal choice to get there. 

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Dec 30, 2023

When there is selfish promotion of a bad product, it hurts the brand by damaging relationships with customers. Trust is broken through marketing a sub par product.

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Dec 29, 2023

Distrubution is a key element in business that makes all the difference. Just being  a great product company does not mean that you can whether storms like COVID or grow the way you should. 

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Dec 28, 2023

Thankfulness and gratefulness are keys to moving forward in life and enjoying the journey. No one climbs mount Everest just to get to the summit. Enjoying the process and the journey is important. 

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Dec 27, 2023

In life doing something halfway or settling for less is destructive. The mindset of just getting by creates pain and problems. 

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