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May 12, 2023

African Music Mavericks is united by Sonos and celebrates the forward-thinkers, boundary-breakers and hard workers of Africa’s diverse music landscape.

Texx and the City is a music platform run out of South Africa that has specialised in identifying the future trends, new waves, and the next generation of African talent for the last 15 years.

This year for the duration of Africa Month in May, we wanted to identify creatives who are doing things a little bit differently, and we couldn’t think of anything more leftfield than being a country artist in Africa.

Apple TV+’s inaugural competition, My Kind Of Country, brought to the forefront the talent that’s bubbling under, and for our first episode Texx and the City's founder and podcast host, Tecla Ciolfi, spoke to My Kind Of Country winner Micaela Kleinsmith, singer-songwriter Gareth James, and Congolese singer and guitarist Chris Bakalanga (Congo Cowboys).