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Non-Wing Worldwide

Sep 21, 2023

In this episode, we sit down with the one and only Todd Hobson, an Australian racer who's been making waves in the world of dirt track racing. Todd takes us on a journey through his racing career, from his earliest memories in the sport to his recent successes.

Discover how Todd's willingness to drive anything, anywhere, anytime has led him to exciting opportunities both in Australia and the United States. He shares insights into the differences between non-wing racing in Australia and the States and how he made the leap to racing on American soil.

Todd also discusses his YouTube channel, where he's been documenting his racing adventures and building a dedicated fan base. We explore the motto that's become synonymous with his channel, "All Dirt Tracks Lead to Indiana," and what it means to him.

Join us for an engaging conversation with Todd Hobson as he reflects on his racing journey, including his recent victory in the Australian Wingless Title and his plans for the future on both sides of the globe.

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