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Non-Wing Worldwide

Oct 13, 2023

In this special episode of Non-Wing Worldwide, we sit down with a true racing legend, Dave Darland. Recently retired, Dave stands as one of the most celebrated figures in motorsports, boasting a career that spanned over four decades.

We delve into Dave's earliest memories of racing, tracing his journey from a young, eager kid with a need for speed to a seasoned driver renowned for his unmatched skills on both dirt and pavement. With remarkable candor, Dave shares how he transitioned from quarter midgets to sprint cars, and what it felt like to get behind the wheel of a powerful racing machine for the very first time.

A pioneer of sprint car racing, Dave started his career in the early '80s when it was far from the norm for teenagers. He takes us back to those early years, recounting the tracks he frequented and the fierce competitors he faced.

Dave's journey in the world of USAC racing was nothing short of extraordinary. We revisit some of his most memorable moments, including his very first sprint car win and the epic battles that defined his career.

The discussion takes a heartwarming turn when we explore Dave's pivotal roles with Nine Racing and the Hoffman #69 team. These partnerships forged racing history and earned him multiple titles.

Dave opens up about his secrets for staying competitive over the span of his illustrious career and the enduring friendships and memories that racing has brought him.

One of the most poignant chapters of Dave's story is his triumphant return to racing after a mild stroke in 2021. He shares the challenges he faced and the indomitable spirit that fueled his comeback.

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable career of "The People's Champ" and relive the unforgettable moments that have made Dave Darland a true icon in the world of motorsports.

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