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Very Bad Wizards

Jul 18, 2023

A new mini-series with Tamler Sommers and Robert Wright on the range of politically acceptable discourse for a given topic and how this “Overton window” changes over time.

This episode is available for free for everyone, the remaining episodes will appear at the Very Bad Wizards Patreon and Robert Wright’s Nonzero Newsletter on Substack.

00:33 What is this new Overton Windows series about?

10:05 Tamler’s connections to Israel and Bob’s experiences there

19:22 What does Zionism mean in practice?

27:35 The shifting Overton window around Israel/Palestine

45:35 The heavy-handed response to the BDS movement

57:13 What the Israel/Palestine discourse says about Overton windows

1:02:09 So where should the boundaries be set