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Feb 28, 2024

Ever wondered how a team spanning from the silent stoicism of traditionalists to the digital fluency of Gen Z navigates the modern workplace's evolving landscape? Our conversation with Dr. Katherine Jeffery, a generational researcher, peels back the layers of this multi-generational mosaic, revealing the challenges and opportunities of leading diverse age groups. 

With her wealth of knowledge on generational dynamics, joins us to dissect how varying life experiences and communication styles influence workplace interactions and productivity. From the surprising laissez-faire leadership preference of Millennials to the steadfast stability sought by Gen Z, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone striving to unite a workforce rich in years and wisdom. 

As we decode the email etiquette that baffles Boomers and the Zoom comfort of Gen Z, it becomes clear communication is an art form with generational brushstrokes. Our chat navigates the shifts in job retention trends, contrasting the lifelong loyalty of Gen X with the mobility that defines the Millennial work ethos and lays out strategies to retain the best and brightest of every age. If you're looking to turn a generational jigsaw into a strategic advantage, this episode isn't just insightful—it's an essential guide to mastering the art of multigenerational management.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Views on leadership styles
  • Navigating generational shift in the workplace
  • Traditional hierarchical leadership and workplace politics
  • Changing leadership styles
  • Changing perspectives on job stability

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