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The Employment Experience - an employment law educational tool for business owners and Human Resources professionals

Jun 22, 2022

Do you know when and how to conduct workplace investigations? Is it necessary to investigate all complaints of harassment? 

My guest this week is Alana Williams. Alana is a workplace investigator and performs workplace investigations for companies- but she has a personal story to tell about how she became...

Jun 14, 2022

Artificial Intelligence can be used to streamline the various processes used in the recruiting and hiring process. There are many benefits including a reduction of time for all parties involved, as well as a decrease in expense, greater efficiency and overall standardization of the hiring process. However, there is a...

Jun 1, 2022

Learn How Design Thinking Can Help Solve Complex HR Challenges in a creative and innovative method. In this episode, we discuss:

1. Solving HR Challenges with Design Thinking Methodology;

2. Using Design Thinking for Strategic Business Purposes;

3. Implementing Game changing Technology to Save your Sanity and Accomplish...