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Record Scratch with Kara

Aug 17, 2023

Over a decade ago, I walked into a room lit up by Iva Nasr's presence. Iva is the one whom Elizabeth Gilbert references in her memoir, EAT PRAY LOVE, of having a "Bat phone to the Universe." We instantly became friends. 

When someone asks me what Iva does, I tell them that she facilitates miracles. 

Iva possesses a calming presence, and I requested that she deliver the main message at my son Jake's Celebration of Life. She graciously accepted and did so with the utmost compassion.

Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, Iva and her family experienced a war-torn country, instigating their immigration to the United States. Iva shares her journey in her memoir, FROM RIFLES TO ROSES: MEMORIES AND MIRACLES. She is currently wrapping up work on the audiobook.

Iva Nasr [NUHsir] is a teacher, seer, mentor, and author working internationally. In her anecdotal and light-hearted way, she guides a Modern Mind: Open Up • Align • Focus • Shine ™. Her private Intuitive Readings, classes, ongoing dialogues, and life testimonials give hope and inspire modern mind expansion and action. 

Iva is a beacon of light for the world. 

This episode was originally published February 3, 2021.


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