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Record Scratch with Kara

Nov 30, 2023

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN ORGASM, WRITE ON, and CHASING TEMPLES are a few of the books that my guest, Betsy B. Murphy, has written. Each is profound and deeply moving, but perhaps nothing matches the writing she shares in GRIEF GLIMMERS GRACE, a book she never wanted to write. Betsy wrote her latest book in the midst of unimaginable grief after the death of her son, Charlie. 

Betsy B. Murphy is an author, humanitarian, and veteran filmmaker of several acclaimed feature documentaries. She founded Figaro Films, Inc. in 1998 to produce important films that inspire, enlighten, entertain, and educate. Betsy created the platform Beautiful Infinity Books (BIB), a publishing collective, in 2017. BIB offers workshops and retreats to incubate and develop the work of creators. 

Betsy was a guest on FINDING JOY WITH KARA, my other podcast, which was recorded a few years ago, prior to both of us losing a son. This is the interview we never imagined we'd have.



Dr. Gabor Mate: When Science Meets Compassion

Gemini Adams website:

“There is so much misunderstanding, particularly in the recovery community. (Harm reduction is) focused on repair and trust building, not on taking the substance away from the addict as if that will miraculously stop them in their tracks. In fact, it usually has the opposite effect as it activates all the protector parts and puts them into survival mode and triggers the underlying agony they are trying to escape from, which increases the chances of suicide or a relapse that results in overdose.”  — Gemini Adams, Trauma Recovery Specialist


Grief Glimmers Grace is available at Amazon.

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