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Record Scratch with Kara

Jul 13, 2023

Lisa shares how her record scratch moment of major life disruption led her to a new career in executive comms. We discuss how we show up with effectiveness, why people lie, and how showing up for ourselves is equally, if not more, important than how we show up for others.

Lisa reminds us to use communication for kindness.

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Lisa Mitchell, CFI, is a communications expert and founder of Power Body Language. She specializes in effective communication for leaders, body language and non-verbal communication skills, provides expert analysis during jury selection, and frequently does media segments on current topics. She is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) and a Certified Body Language Trainer.

Lisa holds a Masters Degree in Management. She serves as COO of Fight For Life Foundation, an Indiana-based not-for-profit organization that supports deserving but underserved students to help them be successful in school and in life. 


IG, Threads, TikTok: @lisamitchellindy

Power Body Language


Finding Joy with Kara: Marlin Jackson podcast episode


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