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Record Scratch with Kara

Aug 24, 2023

This episode is from the archives of my podcast, Finding Joy with Kara, which explores powerful stories of healing and transformation. My guests on both podcasts all have unique backgrounds and are transforming the world in their own amazing ways. 

One of many teachers in my life is Graehme Hall, the founder of The Hermaden Institute and author of ODYSSEYS OF LOVE: DEATH, DEMENTIA AND THE SOUL. Graehme is someone that I turn to for loving guidance whenever I need a boost. In fact, Graehme is my spiritual fairy godmother. 

I spoke with her hours after discovering that my son Jake died in a car accident — in Chicago, not far from where Graehme lives. Graehme Hall is a gift in my life, and I hope that this conversation brings more joy to yours.

This episode aired originally on March 10, 2021.


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