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Record Scratch with Kara

Sep 28, 2023

Cheryl Espinosa-Jones is the host of the Good Grief podcast, where she asks, "Why settle for surviving?" after loss.

Valid question.

In Record Scratch with Kara, we explore the losses that define our lives and how we transform those experiences to help us thrive and be better humans because of those record scratch moments. Post traumatic growth is possible. 

Transformation through adversity isn't easy and requires intention and resolve. After all, growth happens outside of our comfort zone.

We also explore the synopsis of Espinosa-Jones' novel, AN OCEAN BETWEEN THEM, which addresses the challenges of a mother-daughter relationship.

Cheryl Espinosa-Jones is a grief counselor, educator, and the host of Good Grief. Cheryl’s work is informed by the ten years of her first wife’s life-limiting illness. Expected to live six months to a year, she lived with cancer for almost a decade. In the losses Cheryl has experienced since then, she is grateful for what she has learned about facing loss and finding greater meaning in her life as a result. 



Good Grief






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Receive updates on Kara's new memoir release, FINDING JOY here.


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