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Dec 28, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene joins Roseanne Barr to talk about Hunter Biden's contempt of congress, Joe BIden's impeachment and how Mike Johnson isn't ready to be Speaker of the House. And of course, we can't NOT mention Jewish Space Lasers and Q!

Marjorie Taylor Greene:

Dec 21, 2023

Dr. Drew Pinsky joins Roseanne to discuss his ascension from “trusted expert” to “Domestic terrorist conspiracy theorist.”  As a medically trained internist, Dr. Drew was brought up in the “old world” of medicine where you used the scientific method and peer-reviewed studies before injecting millions of...

Dec 14, 2023

 Comedienne Kim Congdon stops by Roseanne’s house to talk about women in comedy, fighting woke culture and how all male comics are mentally ill degenerates.  They also iron out the details for getting one of Roseanne’s fertilized and frozen eggs implanted into Kim’s uterus.

Kim Congdon:

Dec 7, 2023

In this week's installment, Roseanne lets you into her private boudoir... but it's not quite the sexiness one would assume. Joined by her co-host and son Jake Pentland the two discuss her controversial guest appearance on the Bill Maher show and the news of the week in this hilarious and "undressed" episode. 



Nov 30, 2023

 Two bonafide American legends and notorious truth-tellers join forces in what is sure to be an illuminating episode. Tucker drops bombs about Julian Assange’s arrest and attempted murder by Trump appointee Mike Pompeo, the CIA’s complicity in the assassination of JFK, and how the manifesto of the Unabomber was...