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Jul 27, 2023

Roseanne discusses her glorious return to twitter, her 1,000,000 podcast views and gives advice on how to survive in America with rising costs and a tough economy. Roseanne and Jake also take time to enjoy the hilarious irony of Democrats voting to censor RFK during a hearing on.... get this.......

Jul 20, 2023

Roseanne is joined by Ron White in this hilarious marijuana infused episode.  The pair discuss their legendary careers, The Austin comedy scene and his ayahuasca trip that led him to quit drinking.

Ron White:


Jul 13, 2023

Roseanne and Jake discuss the surprising success of “The Sound Of Freedom” and the ensuing media hit pieces by the evil establishment to bury it as a “Q anon conspiracy”. Roseanne also takes questions from YOU and publicly responds back to John Goodman's "support" of her.


Jul 6, 2023

Roseanne is joined by her long-time "soulmate" award-winning actress and comedienne Mo'Nique.
The pair discuss overcoming obstacles associated with being successful and edgy women in Hollywood. Topics include race, raising men, and how the "pickings" of women for their sons is troubling these days- and also their...