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May 31, 2024

Tulsi Gabbard was a once rising star in the Democrat party before she made the fatal mistake of not bending the knee to Hillary Clinton. Since then she has suffered the same attacks that Donald Trump and all free, truth-loving Americans have by the evil war-mongering DNC machine. Tulsi joins Roseanne to discuss...

May 24, 2024

Actor and filmmaker (and legendary tweeter) Kevin Sorbo joins the podcast this week to discuss the general insanity that is the current state of America as well as promote his upcoming films “The Firing Squad” and “Hollywood Takeover”. 

“Hollywood Takeover” is a documentary detailing the CCP’s infiltration...

May 17, 2024

Ryan Long is the shit and we just love him. He is as hilarious in conversation as he is in his famous sketches. From his podcast to his stand up to his Malcolm Gladwellesque observations about everything and anything…. You’re sure to see why Roseanne is such a fan. 

Ryan Long

May 10, 2024

After attending a Red Carpet event in Los Angeles, Roseanne reflects on a few bizarre interactions that left her feeling deeply disrespected and angry. Tune in for a fiery episode where no one is safe!


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May 3, 2024

Armed with a 9-millimeter and a gross overpour of chardonnay, Roseanne is finally back at home in her true element with her trusty sidekick (and elder-abusing son) Jake Pentland. Roseanne gives behind-the-scenes access into her latest scandal involving Joe Biden and Bergdorf and blows Jake’s mind with her...