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Last Paycheck

Apr 10, 2024

In this week's episode of the Last Paycheck Podcast, financial planners Archie Hoxton and Rob Hoxton delve into the topic of achieving millionaire status. They highlight that the archetypal millionaire next door doesn't flaunt their wealth, often working in professions like engineering, teaching, or trades like plumbing and HVAC — diligently saving and investing in a frugal manner.

The Hoxton duo discusses crucial financial strategies for building wealth, beginning with establishing an emergency fund to insulate against risk. They advise on taking advantage of tax-smart investments, employer 401(k) matches, and avoiding high-interest consumer debt. The episode underscores the power of long-term investing and homeownership in wealth accumulation, advocating for automated saving plans and consistently growing one's investment portfolio. Through patience and prudent financial habits, you could be a millionaire, too. 

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Listen in on conversations with Certified Financial Planners Archie and Rob Hoxton as they share weekly wisdom to help you retire and stay retired. Have you ever wondered what it will feel like when you get your last paycheck? Whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or anything in between, this show is for you.


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