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Last Paycheck

May 1, 2024

In this week's episode of the Last Paycheck Podcast, hosts and certified financial planners Archie Hoxton and Rob Hoxton delve into the topic of investing in gold. They kick off the conversation with a mention of gold bars being available at Costco and segue into a more serious discussion about gold's role in an investment portfolio. They consider the reasons people turn to gold, particularly during times of economic uncertainty, such as inflation and geopolitical tensions. 

As they explore the practicalities and risks of owning physical gold versus gold-related financial products (like ETFs and gold mining stocks), they highlight the differences between gold and traditional investments in terms of returns and liquidity. They also discuss the potential of gold as both an investment and speculative tool, emphasizing the importance of one's objectives and the amount invested in determining its role in a diversified portfolio. 

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