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Last Paycheck

May 29, 2024

In this episode of the Last Paycheck Podcast, hosts Archie Hoxton and Rob Hoxton delve into the subject of financial regrets and how to avert them. They start by discussing common regrets, such as not saving enough for retirement and not starting early enough. The importance of compound interest over the long term is highlighted, along with eye-opening statistics from Quicken and Forbes about the prevalence and stress caused by financial regrets. They tackle issues like consumer debt, ineffective spending habits, and the dangers of lending money to friends or family. They stress the necessity of an emergency fund and the often-overlooked lifestyle changes that accompany retirement. 

Whether you're nearing retirement or just starting your financial journey, make sure to reach out to a professional financial planner to discuss your best options! 

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Listen in on conversations with Certified Financial Planners Archie and Rob Hoxton as they share weekly wisdom to help you retire and stay retired. Have you ever wondered what it will feel like when you get your last paycheck? Whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or anything in between, this show is for you.