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The Mental Wealth Show with Rich Jones

Feb 28, 2023

In addition to reasons you need to move, I share what I learned from a recent 8-week challenge and how you can apply the insights in your own life.

May is Mental Health Awareness and I'm looking forward to talking more about my journey, the importance of mental health, and the wealth that comes with healing. If you'd like me to come speak to your team, organization, or at a special event, drop me a note at (Please note: I am not accepting podcast guest pitches. This is not the time to shoot your or your client's shot. :)

Magic Mind is a 2 oz. energy shot I personally use to accompany my morning caffeine or take solo when I need a boost. It helps me get into the zone.

The Magic Mind team created an offer for the mental wealth family. You’ll get up to 56% off your first subscription order in the next 10 days or 20% off a one-time purchase by visiting and redeem using the code mentalwealth20.