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The Mental Wealth Show with Rich Jones

Healing is forever (a storybook ending) - TMWS13

Jan 10, 2023

In this episode, I talk about reaching a critical milestone in my trauma healing journey, some lessons learned, and a storybook ending to a season of my life.

If you're new, I encourage you to go back to the bonus episode released  in Feb 2022 for context to what I'm talking about. There are other solo episodes along the way where I fill in gaps about the path to healing. 

If you've been around, this is probably the episode you've been waiting for. This one is the conclusion to vol. 1 of my story. And it really does have a storybook ending.

Lastly, I'm back for the long haul. Those gaps you see between episodes will be no more. That'll make more sense when you listen. Holler at me on IG or Twitter @richrunstrack for thoughts and questions.

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