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The Mental Wealth Show with Rich Jones

Jun 3, 2021

Courtney Stephen is an athlete, father, coach, business owner, and investor. Although he has played over 100 games as a pro in the CFL, Courtney is best known for his dedication to helping young athletes in the community. He has a passion for financial education and empowering people to create generational wealth. Courtney also educates about personal finance on his website teaching students, athletes, and young professionals how to build wealth for their families.

Courtney joins me on the show to share why he first took an interest in financial planning and what drew him to find out more about investing in cryptocurrency. He shares how he educates people on how they can actually put themselves in a better situation to live the lifestyle, they want to live and build wealth for their family and where you can go to get his advice on achieving your financial goals. 


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