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The Mental Wealth Show with Rich Jones

Feb 6, 2024

A quick update + the trailer for my new podcast.

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Sep 5, 2023

It's been a while. I catch you up on what's happened since the last episode in May, including a few celebrations and a big lesson you can apply to your life. 

I also announce the launch of the Find More Balance Network! It's a private membership community for growth-minded professionals who are ready to go after...

May 23, 2023

Sometimes the path of least resistance is the best path to follow.

Rich reflects on what he's learned from focusing on one thing at a time, including the idea that things don't need to be difficult to be meaningful.

Tune in for this quick listen and share it with someone if you find it useful. 



Apr 4, 2023

Some reflection on my birthday weekend before I chat with Jordan Grumet, long time friend of the show from the personal finance community, host of the Earn and Invest podcast, and author of Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor's Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life.


Toastmasters -...